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2014 Tactical Event Descriptions


Event #1: Obstacle Course


All five members will begin in the start box and navigate thru (15) obstacles to the finish line.  Each obstacle will be explained in detail prior to event start.  All five members must complete each obstacle and team members can assist other team members during the course except where *designated during the event walk thru. 

1.      Rope Climb

2.      *Pole Flip

3.      Under-Over-Under

4.      Balance Beam

5.      Wall Climb

6.      Cargo Net

7.      *Ram Carry

8.      Dirty Dave

9.      Hurdles

10.  Irish Table

11.  Tire High Step

12.  Tube Crawl

13.  Low Crawl

14.  Ramp Jump

15.  Low Hurdle



Each member that cannot complete an obstacle will be assessed a 120 second penalty.  Time stops when all team members are across the finish line. 




Event #2: Crack House Shootout, Shoothouse



Required Equipment

Heavy Vest, Ballistic Helmet, Holster

Ballistic Raid/Patrol Shield


Required Weapon(s)

(4) .223 Rifles

(5) Handguns

*Note- The first competitor to enter the shoothouse must carry a shield and engage targets one handed with their handgun only.  The shield may not touch the ground once they enter the shoothouse.  Shield Competitor will immediately begin the cutting torch component of the event upon exiting the shoothouse.  Competitors 2-5 must engage targets with their rifles only, they are not required to carry a shield.


Tactical team members will enter the shoothouse one at a time to search and clear three connecting rooms.  “Threat” targets must be engaged in a tactical manner AS SEEN.  If rifle shooters 2-5 exhaust their ammunition in their primary magazine, competitors may either reload the rifle, or transition to their handgun to neutralize any additional threat targets.  Team members will not be permitted to walk the course of fire prior to shooting the event and the shoothouse will contain both shoot and no-shoot paper targets.  Each team member's time will be added together for their total team time.


Time: Shot Timer, last shot (6 minutes max)


Targets: Paper-Shoot (Unknown) No-shoot (Unknown)




Event #3 Bearcat Breach, Handgun Range



Required Equipment

Heavy vest, Ballistic Helmet, Holster, Gas Mask (supplied by AVON)


Required Weapon(s)

(2) .223 Cal Rifles

(2) Shotguns

(5) Handguns

*Shotguns will be loaded to “car safe”, rifles and handguns can be loaded and holstered.


Teams will don AVON gas masks and start loaded inside the staged Bearcat and all long guns (rifles and shotguns) will be staged at their designated shooting areas. All team members will exit the Bearcat and retrieve the appropriate tools to open the outward opening 5.11 Breaching Door.   The team members will then run thru the door to their designated shooting areas and engage their prospective targets while wearing their gas masks. The two rifle shooters will engage all cardboard rifle “threat targets” from the rifle shooting ports and ground their rifles before running to the finish line.  The handgun shooter(s) will engage all handgun “steel” and cardboard targets and run to the finish line. The shotgun shooters will engage all shotgun “steel” and clay pigeon targets from the shooting ports and then ground their shotguns before running to the finish line.  The rifle and shotgun shooters may assist the handgun shooter after they have neutralized all of their targets.  The 5.11 Breaching Door will be reset by event officials during the course of fire to simulate an inward opening door, which must be opened by a competitor utilizing the provided ram prior to running to the finish line.  Time will stop when all team members are thru the door, and across the finish line.


Time: Stopwatch (7 minutes max)


Targets: Steel (12) Paper-Shoot (10) Clays (7)




Event #4 Combat Rescue, Rifle Deck



Required Equipment

Tactical Body Armor (provided by Velocity Systems), Holster


Required Weapon(s)

(5) Handguns

(5) .223 Cal Rifles



Team members will start standing behind the START/FINISH line, rifles and handguns loaded.  On the start signal, all team members will run to the designated shooting area and engage all BLUE and YELLOW steel “threat” targets and cardboard “threat” targets THRU THE SHOOTING PORTS.  Each shooter must neutralize at least (1) steel “threat” target and (1) cardboard “threat” target.  Shooters will then ground their rifles in the safe area with the safety on, and run to the equipment carry area, and/or begin First Aid on the downed officer.  The provided tourniquet must be secured satisfactorily as proscribed in the First Aid briefing prior to moving the downed officer.  The downed officer and all equipment must be transported across the finish line.  Time will stop once the shooters and all equipment cross the finish line.  The tourniquet will be rechecked for acceptability once time as stopped.

Time: Stopwatch (5 minutes max)


Targets: Steel (5), Paper- Shoot (10) No-shoot (Unknown)




Event #5 Sniper Ops Challenge, Sniper Deck



Required Equipment

Light/Soft Body Armor, Holster


Required Weapon(s)

(5) Handguns

(3) .223 cal Rifles

(2) .308 Sniper Rifles*



Teams start behind the 200yd platform (.223 rifles loaded and on safe, .308 rifles unloaded), handguns holstered. The two sniper rifle shooters will run to the staged vehicle where they will neutralize all of the BLUE designated sniper targets. The snipers may utilize the vehicle for stability but must remain inside the designated shooting area while doing so. When snipers show weapons clear, AND the RO signals it is safe to proceed, the (3) rifle shooters will run to the first barricade and engage the YELLOW static steel rifle target. Each shooter must score (1) "hit" as called by the RO before proceeding to the next barricade. Only (1) shooter may fire from the barricade at a time and no shooter may proceed to the next barricade until all weapons are on safe, pointed in a safe direction, AND the RO has signaled it is safe to proceed. This will continue until the final (4th) barricade position where time will stop when the last shooter scores a "hit" as called by the RO.


Time: Stopwatch (8 minutes max)


Targets: Steel- Shoot (8) No-shoot (4), Paper No-shoot (Unknown)